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July 23, 2007



I think another option is to "just say no" to the happy meal toy (or remove it and kindly return it back to them). Of course, that takes a huge culture change to get your kids to think in that mode (maybe show them some pictures of overcrowded landfills beforehand.

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And did you know that the fast food and casual dining restaurants you eat in every day have secret menu items? A select few are in on the secret and now you are a part of this culinary elite. We aren't just talking about the barely secret In-N-Out Burger "hold the bread, lettuce wrapped burger,” oh no. We have items all over town, including an unhealthy smoothie at Jamba Juice and a San Francisco-only Mc10:35. The Consumerist is all over this, and now you can be too!!!

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What a great Christmas lunch table decoration. How lovely to have everyone's name on a piece ready to serve a little surprise gift :)

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